Signs Your Child Might Be Anxious


How can I spot anxiety in my child or children?

Does my child need child counseling to help with anxiety?

Anxiety can be tricky to spot in children. Anxiety can also have a huge impact on a child’s ability to thrive in a school setting.

For many parents, anxiety is challenging to see in children because it doesn’t tend to look like what it is. Even teachers may send a child for learning disorder testing and nothing is identified.

A child suffering from anxiety in school may look like acting out, difficulty following directions, or not able to sit down when asked. A child may be studying furiously, but when it’s time for the test the child draws a blank. These are some examples of what anxiety can look like for children in a school setting.

If you believe your child might be suffering from anxiety then I encourage you to reach out as soon as possible to a licensed therapist who specializes in child counseling in your area.

There is hope. Your child can heal from anxiety, learn coping tools, and find their groove in school.