Art Therapy Treatment

When tough things happen, they can impact our mind, body, and spirit.

No matter what age you are, it is difficult to explain with words all that is happening within you.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy engages you in ways that are distinct from just talking alone.

Creative expression gives you another voice to your experiences. Art therapy includes art making, creative processes, and our therapeutic relationship to bring light to your psychological needs while supporting your treatment goals. Working with a professionally trained art therapist allows you to communicate and explore what is often buried or hidden.

There is a way to address what has been causing you stress.

With the help of a trained and compassionate art therapist, you can find relief through art therapy treatment.

How can art therapy be helpful?


But I can’t draw.

There is good news! Art therapy is not concerned how the art product turns out. Yes, stick figures are just as good as realistic drawings in art therapy treatment. The artwork you create does not have to be aesthetically pleasing or even finished. In my clinical experiences, I have used a variety of art therapy interventions with everyone from toddlers to incarcerated adults. However my foundation as a client-centered therapist supports the use of art therapy solely at your comfort level.

Can art therapy be used with children?

Through my years working for the Department of Mental Health, I used art therapy in conjunction with cognitive behavioral strategies while working with children. I was able to implement the use of art therapy with evidenced-based practices such as MAP, CBT, and TF-CBT to treat a variety of childhood issues.

Art is paramount while treating children who experience difficulty at home, school, and/or in the community. I provide art therapy to children dealing with issues of emotional regulation, development, academic performance, behavior and impulse control, as well as children who have experienced trauma. Art provides children and families a different kind of opportunity to connect and communicate about the challenges at hand.

Is art therapy for adults too?

Of course. It sparks an area of your brain that can feel so revitalized. Sometimes uncomfortable at first, but overwhelming I’ve noticed art therapy with adults can provide a particularly illuminating experience as the ability to understand complex metaphors tends to improve with age and experience. I provide art therapy at an individualized-pace driven by you and am welcome to any and all feedback about how art therapy fits into your healing journey.

Martha Cowley received specialized training in Clinical Art Therapy at Loyola Marymount University.

What do I do next?

When you are ready, simply contact me. I offer a free 15-minute consultation. To connect, click here.

Martha Cowley, M.A., LMFT, ATR is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Sacramento, CA. Martha utilizes art therapy with children, families, adults, and couples. She is trained and specializes in EMDR, Art Therapy, depression treatment, LGBTQ counseling, as well as child and teen counseling.